What We're About

We listen to your specific home care needs and then sort out individuals who are best suited for the job. Caregivers for your loved ones are chosen based on qualifications, personalities, and needs. If you require someone with the expertise of a particular medical condition, Private Client will not turn you down. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by offering customized solutions.


Our hourly and live-in care services include meal preparation, medication reminders, and light housekeeping among other things. The goal is to improve the lives of people in need of help and provide it to their families. This service can be tailored to fit any requirement of our client.

Personal Care Services

To make your life easier and more manageable, we provide quality personal care to your loved ones. When people are in our care, there’s no doubt they are in good and professional hands. Private Client Care takes a compassionate approach to personal care, striving to maintain the highest standard of customer service.

Home Care for the Client

Every client has different needs and lifestyle. Realizing this, we build care plans that accommodate your loved one’s condition and circumstance. Private Client Care emphasizes on helping the client with transportation, errands, companionship, and meal prep. We take special care of the safety, health, and happiness of the people in our care.

Our Process

Home Care Assessment

After conversing with you over the phone, we schedule a visit to your home where we learn about the situation and needs of your loved one. This is where we provide you a chance to ask any question you might have about our Home Care service. Private Client Care believes that effective communication is vital for things to work out. Not only do we carefully listen about any unique need your loved one has, but we also try to develop a connection with both clients and person that needs caregiving.
After examining the information provided, we create a plan that is designed specifically for you and the care-seeker. We consider things like everyday routine, ambitions, long-term goal and therapy direction (if any).

Providing the Best Caregiver

Finally, we match our best-suited caregiver, or team of caregivers with your loved one – depending on the situation and needs. Private Client Care has an internal process for selecting the best caregiver(s) which involves evaluation of personality and qualification. This is a crucial step as we want to get things right from the start so there’s no disturbance in the caregiving services later on. Tell us what your Home Care needs and we will provide an experienced caregiver with relevant skills and a compatible personality.